Remembering Your Baby


Often children who have died before birth have no grave or headstone, and sometimes not even a name. At The Church of The Holy Innocents, we invite you to name your child(ren) and to have the opportunity to have your baby’s name inscribed in our “BOOK OF LIFE“. Here, a candle is always lit in their memory. All day long people stop to pray. On the first Monday of every month, our 12:15pm Mass is celebrated in honor of these children and for the comfort of their families. We pray that you will find peace in knowing that your child(ren) will be remembered at the Shrine and honored by all who pray here.

To Write Their Names in the Sand (in Australia)

Emily’s name in the sand in Australia!


To Christian’s Beach. To Write Their Names In The Sand is a memorial site for children. It was founded on August 19th 2008, 19 months after our son Christian was stillborn.

Since August 2008 we have written over 10,200 childrens names in the sand.

If you are here for the first time please click here. We hope that you find some peace here amongst the sunsets.

We wish you hope and healing for this road.

With love,

The Dudley Family

Here is Names on the Sidewalk

I am getting Emily’s name on the sidewalk and will post a pic when I receive it!

About Tiffany:
I’m a single mama of 3 beautiful children. 2 I can hold in my arms, and one I hold in my heart. I started off as a married woman and ended up as a single mama by choice. 2007 was the year my life changed when my first daughter was stillborn. Little did I know my world as I knew it would never be the same. As a recent baby lost mama I have found many other baby lost parents who find great comfort in having their lost child(ren)’s name written for them in various ways.
If your arms are aching I suggest ordering a Molly Bear. These are weighted Bears you can order the exact same weight as your angel was! I have ordered a Molly Bear and will post a pic once I receive it.
About Molly Bears: I started making these bears for other angel mommies that I had become close to in several support groups.  I had committed to one bear per paycheck and soon I had requests and a desire to make more.  I went to my sister, Amanda and I was venting about what I wanted and that I wasn’t sure how to make it happen. In a few hours she called me back with a plan, and within a week we jumped in – feet first.
Angel Babies; Names in the Sand in Hawaii! Below is a photo of my Emily that she did for me. Click like on this link on Facebook and send your request to Nicole and she will do this for you also. She started doing this after her own daughter was born sleeping full term.

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